Daily Market Commentary

June 29, 2020

Yields cheaper by ~1bp in long-end tenors, steepening 5s30s by ~2bp, 2s10s by ~1bp; 10-year yields around 0.65%, cheaper by less than 1bp on the day while front end and belly are richer by less than 1bp; 5-year yield at ~0.30% is within 3bp of its May 8 record low.

Sentiment in a European Commission survey rose in June, though less than economists had forecast, and it remains well below the levels seen at the start of the year. The report -- like similar ones published recently -- indicates that full recovery is still a long way off.

By the end of May this year, China had only bought about 19% of the total purchase target of more than $170 billion for goods in 2020. That means China needs to buy about $139 billion in the remainder of the year to meet the terms of the agreement signed with USA in January.

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