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Stay Afloat with SimpliCD Online!

Millennium Corporate and AIM - the Asset & Investment Management team - and SimpliCD, of course, bring you SimpliCD Online!

SimpliCD Online is an internet-based system that manages and streamlines your SimpliCD program usage. From your desktop, you can see your holdings, maturities, and rates on CDs available to your credit union. Available to your credit union - what does that mean, exactly? SimpliCD Online knows what CDs you've purchased through the SimpliCD system and won't show rates to you from issuers where your investments are maxed out - it's that smart! And, if you have bought CDs outside of SimpliCD, those can be uploaded too, with a few extra steps, and then it can track them all - what more could you want? You might not want more, but you're gonna get more!

You get online reporting - trade confirmations, daily settlement reports, monthly maturity and investment reports.

You get access to a nationwide pool of issuers of which many offer exclusive, competitive rates only through SimpliCD.

You can buy SimpliCD investments online, too. As long as you choose an available investment, and you get the purchase completed by 1:30 CT, you're golden.

And, our AIM Team is available to support your SimpliCD Online and offline needs. We're still here for those of you that prefer the current manner of shopping and purchasing SimpliCD investments.

It's easy to get access, simple, even. Go figure. Hop on over to the AIM website - - and login to the AIM Portal, if you've got access. If not, click the "Sign up for the AIM Portal now!". Once AIM Portal access is established, email Rachel Palmer, AIM Financial Analyst, at to request SimpliCD Online access.

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