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Vroom Vroom - CUBG's FAST TRACK!

Designed for credit unions of all sizes, Fast Track provides a quick and cost-effective solution for small, non-real estate secured loans and is designed for credit unions of all sizes. Loan amounts and underwriting parameters are customizable for each credit union and loans come with low or no annual monitoring which keeps costs very low.

Have an MBL program in place? Fast Track offers easy application processing, including underwriting only or underwriting plus loan documents.

DON'T have an MBL program, yet? CU Business Group also offers a turnkey program which includes policies, applications, checklists, and consulting to assist with program set-up.

Loans eligible to be Fast Track-ed include -

  • Business Vehicles - Autos or trucks up to $100,000
  • Term Loans - Equipment secured up to $100,000
  • Lines of Credit - Either secured (Non-RE) or unsecured up to $50,000
  • Business Credit Cards - Credit limits up to $50,000

Fast Track LOAN DECISIONS and DOCUMENTS are delivered NEXT DAY!

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