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Millennium Corporate provides a comprehensive menu of Investment & Asset Liability Management (ALM) Services

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AIM – Asset & Investment Management

The Millennium Corporate AIM – Asset & Investment Management – Program provides ALM consulting services to client credit unions, specializing in strategy development and education, providing sound, practical, and impartial financial advice. The AIM team of financial analysts use industry leading software to monitor interest rate risk and test ALM strategies prior to implementation.

Clients receive:

  • ALM & Investment Policy Design and Review
  • Quarterly ALM Analysis
  • Portfolio Structuring, Ongoing Investment Recommendations, and Accounting & Reporting
  • Volunteer & Staff Education

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Marketable Securities | CU-ISI

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Through the CU Investment Solutions, LLC (CU-ISI) Corporate Agent Program, Millennium Corporate and CU-ISI offer brokerage services to credit unions. Licensed Millennium Corporate AIM Financial Analysts serve as dual employees of CU-ISI and Millennium Corporate, supporting and selling the corporate’s traditional products while also offering marketable securities.

Millennium Corporate CU-ISI Registered Representatives have your credit union’s best interest in mind. They have a keen understanding of industry regulation and policies, and a clear grasp of appropriate investments for credit unions.

CU-ISI offers credit unions:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Up-to-Date Market Information
  • Efficient Investment Execution
  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Lower Costs & Higher Yield

CU-ISI Investment Offerings include:

  • Agencies Debentures
  • Asset-Backed Securities
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Municipal Securities
  • Treasuries
  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations | CMOs

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Liquidity Stress Test | New Offering

AIM’s Liquidity Stress Test is a crucial component of liquidity risk management for credit unions. It includes assessing your ability to withstand various adverse scenarios and evaluates how the credit union’s liquidity position is affected under different stress conditions, such as market or funding disruptions, and sudden deposit withdrawals.

The Stress Test is customizable to your credit union and allows you to simulate the impacts to your funding strategy and contingency funding plan under different environments. AIM runs a variety of different stress scenarios – mild, moderate, severe – allowing you to optimize your liquidity strategy.

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SimpliCD – Investing & Issuing


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SimpliCD (pronounced “simplicity”) is a certificate of deposit program that enables you to easily invest in federally insured CDs. This turnkey program combines CD investing with the advantages of competitive rates and consolidated reporting. Investing in federally insured CDs has never been so simple. SimpliCD is owned and operated by Primary Financial Company LLC, a credit union service organization owned jointly by Millennium Corporate and other corporate credit unions.

  • Each day, SimpliCD searches its nationwide network of issuers for the best rates and shares those with investors.
  • A detailed tracking system assures that no more than the standard maximum deposit insurance amount of your principal is placed in any single financial institution.
  • SimpliCD purchases the CDs in a custodial capacity on your behalf, passing all federal insurance benefits through to you. You remain the legal owner of the CDs.
  • SimpliCD tracks, monitors and collects all of your earnings. You receive a single consolidated monthly interest payment for all your SimpliCD investments.
  • Finally, in addition to your daily transaction statements, you receive a monthly statement detailing your entire SimpliCD portfolio.

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SimpliCD Issuance is the issuance of federally insured share certificates to other credit unions. With one phone call, and very little paperwork, a credit union can issue up to $50 million or more in shares in a single transaction to the SimpliCD network of more than 4,300 credit unions across the country. SimpliCD Issuance provides a primary source for liquidity by attracting deposits from other credit unions with excess liquidity looking to invest through SimpliCD. SimpliCD issuance complements or provides a competitive alternative to FHLB advances or other funding alternatives. SimpliCD is owned and operated by Primary Financial Company LLC, a credit union service organization owned jointly by Millennium Corporate and other corporate credit unions.

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Millennium Offerings

Fixed Rate & Variable Rate Term Certificates

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Fixed Rate certificates are available with maturities from 2 days to 5 years. They guarantee a set rate and maturity date. Interest payment dates are customizable at term, monthly, or semi-annually for certificates 1 year or longer. Variable Rate investments are available in 90- and 180-day terms, as well as 1-, 1-5, and 2-year. The rate for all but the 90-day are based on the Fed Funds Effective Rate making the investment responsive to market interest rate fluctuations.

Structured Offerings

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Fixed Callable, Step-Ups, ACPs or FRAPs. These investment structures are often available for purchase on the Structured Offerings tab of the Rates page.

Fixed Callable certificates offer a fixed rate with call options embedded in the structure. There is an initial lock-out period, during which time the investment cannot be called but after that date expires the certificate may be called by Millennium Corporate at designated times throughout the remaining term. These certificates typically earn a higher rate of return than Fixed Rate Term certificates due to the uncertainty as to when the certificate will be called.

Step-Up certificates allow investors to attain an increase in interest as the rate automatically steps up to a higher level at designated times with the life of the certificate. However, these certificates, similar to Fixed Callable Certificates, are embedded with call options and may be redeemed early by Millennium Corporate.

ACPs (Amortizing Certificate Program) couple a stated final maturity with monthly principal payments after an initial lockout period. The amount of principal received is based on the prepayment speeds of an outside pool of mortgage loans. The prepayment speeds of this mortgage pool of loans is variable, therefore, the principal payments can change on a monthly basis. An ACP investment is purchased at par and can yield approximately 100-150 basis points higher than fixed and callable certificates and securities.

FRAPs (Floating Rate Asset Program) offer maturities ranging from 6-monhs to 5-years coupled with a floating rate, making the instrument responsive to market interest rate fluctuations. A safe, flexible investment most commonly tied to the Fed Funds Effective Rate or 1-month Libor.


Are you searching for a better CECL solution that is affordable and easy to understand? Explore Millennium Corporate's CECL (current expected credit losses) solution - CECLution!  This CECL solution is online, on-demand and on point! CECLution pulls in your NCUA call report data negating the need to build huge historical databases. Other benefits include-

  • The ability to create and save customized assumption sets regarding balances, rates, maturity terms, prepayments, and more
  • The automatic monthly upload of economic data
  • Quick and easy model adjustments
  • And, again, CECLution captures and maintains your credit union historical data

And, if you already have a CECL solution, use CECLution as a validation of that program. It literally works for everyone!

Email us today to learn more and schedule a CECLution demonstration -!

Loan Participations

CU Business Group, LLC

CU Business Group (CUBG) is the premier provider of business services to credit unions and Millennium Corporate is a proud owner of this credit union service organization (CUSO). CUBG has 4 relationship options for credit unions and one of the favored is the Participation Member. Participation Members benefit from an established network to simplify the buying and selling process, standardized processes, parameters and legal agreements, CUBG expertise to guide your credit union through the entire process, and having CUBG service the entire participation and serve as one point of contact for all participants. Choose to be a Participation Member or sign on as a full Member as full members get first priority on loan participation opportunities in the CUBG participation network.

To learn more, please email We’ll work with CUBG to schedule a meet-and-greet.

LoanStreet LLC

LoanStreet automates and standardizes partial and whole loan sales, creating a single platform to buy, sell, and manage loans. LoanStreet’s participation solution enables the efficient sale of any size or type of loan to one or more credit unions. Seller benefits include – automated investor tracking and borrower payment distribution, standardized loan sale agreement, maintaining borrower relationships and controlling buyer access. Buyers benefit from – easy due diligence with loan file and clear risk retention rules, automated notices and simple management tools, and a search engine to identify loans of interest quickly.

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Community Investment Fund | CIF

Want to share in improving people’s financial lives? Your credit union can be a part of helping make financial freedom a reality for members across the credit union movement through support of the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation). The Foundation is all about making sure consumers have the education, tools, and resources needed to achieve financial freedom through credit unions.

Millennium Corporate and the Foundation partnered to provide credit unions a way to support the Foundation through the Community Investment Fund (CIF). Through the CIF, credit unions can donate a percentage of the interest earned on share certificates or the Foundations newest investment option, government-issued securities or negotiable certificates of deposit. Securities and share certificates are purchased through Millennium Corporate and held in safekeeping with our securities safekeeping partner.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Determining how much your credit union wants to contribute to the programs of the state and national foundations – you designate how much interest (“the slice of the pie”) you want to contribute and it gets split between the Foundation’s national programs and your local state credit union foundation for education and development initiatives.
  2. Calling Millennium Corporate (800.721.2677) to complete the necessary paperwork. It is linked below should you like to get started ahead of time or have it handy during your call.
  3. Being proud of your commitment to supporting the credit union philosophy of “people helping people”.

To learn more about the Foundation’s activities and impact, visit their website –

Access CIF Forms.

To purchase a CIF investment through Millennium Corporate, please email or call 800.721.2677 ext. 106 to get started.

Securities Settlement and Safekeeping

Millennium Corporate allows for safe, cost effective settlement and safekeeping of our member credit unions securities holdings. All types of securities are eligible for safekeeping, regardless of amount or maturity. All security settlements are processed delivery vs. payment (DVP), to assure the member credit union retains possession of the security or their funds at all times. Participation in the program grants credit unions access to the Reverse Repurchase Program allowing users to borrow funds against their securities held in safekeeping, while maintaining ownership of said securities.

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Securities Pricing & Analytics

Easy to read monthly reports with current market values for all credit union securities holdings are provided to members using this service. Prices are provided by a leading national pricing firm who does not buy or sell securities or advise customers as to which securities they should buy or sell. Quarterly, Millennium Corporate can also provide security analytics for your credit union as it relates to Regulation 703. This includes analyzing the effect of rate shock testing on net capital as is currently required for many credit unions.

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