Liquidity Solutions

Millennium Corporate developed the Liquidity Solutions identified below to meet the diverse liquidity needs of our membership.

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Advised Line-of-Credit

All Millennium Corporate members may apply for an advised line-of-credit (LOC). Each credit union must complete the necessary documentation, provide requested financial information and be subject to an annual credit worthiness review. Should your liquidity needs change before your next review, contact us at any time.

AIM Liquidity Stress Test | New Offering

AIM’s Liquidity Stress Test is a crucial component of liquidity risk management for credit unions. It includes assessing your ability to withstand various adverse scenarios and evaluates how the credit union’s liquidity position is affected under different stress conditions, such as market or funding disruptions, and sudden deposit withdrawals.

The Stress Test is customizable to your credit union and allows you to simulate the impacts to your funding strategy and contingency funding plan under different environments. AIM runs a variety of different stress scenarios – mild, moderate, severe – allowing you to optimize your liquidity strategy.

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Asset-Backed Loan

Get access to additional funding on a term basis by pledging assets as collateral for the loan. Advances are for a specific term and the interest rate can be either fixed or variable – the decision is made at the time of the advance. This loan type does not reduce the member’s advised line-of-credit amount.

Overnight Settlement Loan

Once the credit union has applied for and received an advised LOC, these funds are then available to fund overnight settlement, should liquidity be short. All advances and payments are made on a demand basis, automatically generated, and the interest rate is subject to change daily.

Term Loan

This loan type couples a set maturity with a fixed interest rate and grants members access to loans up to 5 years. Term loans help lock in funding costs in a rising rate environment and are an alternative to high cost member certificates.

Loan Participations

CU Business Group, LLC
CU Business Group (CUBG) is the premier provider of business services to credit unions and Millennium Corporate is a proud owner of this credit union service organization (CUSO). CUBG has 4 relationship options for credit unions and one of the favored is the Participation Member. Participation Members benefit from an established network to simplify the buying and selling process, standardized processes, parameters and legal agreements, CUBG expertise to guide your credit union through the entire process, and having CUBG service the entire participation and serve as one point of contact for all participants. Choose to be a Participation Member or sign on as a full Member as full members get first priority on loan participation opportunities in the CUBG participation network.

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LoanStreet LLC
LoanStreet automates and standardizes partial and whole loan sales, creating a single platform to buy, sell, and manage loans. LoanStreet’s participation solution enables the efficient sale of any size or type of loan to one or more credit unions. Seller benefits include – automated investor tracking and borrower payment distribution, standardized loan sale agreement, maintaining borrower relationships and controlling buyer access. Buyers benefit from – easy due diligence with loan file and clear risk retention rules, automated notices and simple management tools, and a search engine to identify loans of interest quickly.

To view the LoanStreet site tour and register, please visit Our AIM - Asset & Investment Management - staff is also available to provide additional information. Email to speak with an AIM Financial Analyst.

SimpliCD - Issuance

SimpliCD Issuance is the issuance of federally insured share certificates to other credit unions. With one phone call, and very little paperwork, a credit union can issue up to $50 million or more in shares in a single transaction to the SimpliCD network of more than 4,300 credit unions across the country. SimpliCD issuance complements or provides a competitive alternative to FHLB advances or other funding alternatives.

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Sallie Mae Student Loan Program

Through a partnership with Sallie Mae, a suite of education loans - created specifically for the needs of undergraduate, career training and graduate students - can help your credit union retain and grow member relationships by offering private student loans as a complement to the many student solutions you're currently offering that include student checking, debit cards, online banking, and auto loans.

This programs benefits you and your members. Email to learn more about Sallie Mae through Millennium Corporate, today!

Reverse Repurchase

Need to borrow funds against your securities held in safekeeping with Millennium Corporate and maintain ownership while you do? As long as you safekeep with Millennium, it’s an option.

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