Contingency Resources

Your credit union relies on us for uninterrupted service, we know this. And thus, we do everything in our power to ensure you receive just that. However, we all know and understand some things are outside our control. Preparation and planning are key in efficiently handling unplanned service interruptions. The Millennium Corporate Credit Union Business Recovery Plan is designed to reduce the negative impact uncontrollable situations have on our member/owners, and in turn, their member/owners.

Millennium Corporate has developed detailed recovery procedures to address many possible scenarios, from minute to extreme. Millennium Corporate will use whatever means available, including this website, to maintain communications during contingency situations.

Staff may not be available at all times during an emergency situation as relocation to a contingency site may be necessary. Know we are working to return all affected business areas to proper working status and communication will be restored as timely as possible.

During any contingency situation, credit union members will be instructed how to contact a corporate representative. We thank you in advance for your patience and support during these times.