To provide exceptional products and service to our members.


The strategic partner of choice for credit unions.

Statement of Values


We insist on business relationships that promote accuracy and reliability. We vow to be responsive and reactive in respect to your needs.


We are committed to the credit union system, determined to provide innovative solutions and exceptional member service.


We pledge to live and breathe the cooperative spirit under which we were chartered.


We strive to create a culture that exhibits a willingness and eagerness to serve.


We pledge to exceed your expectations by providing total member satisfaction. To create the distinction between Millennium Corporate and others.


We strive to envision the answer to questions unasked. To be entrepreneurial in spirit in our efforts to create products and services to meet the needs of credit unions.


We vow to conduct business in a professional and honest manner, worthy of your trust.


We strive to lead the credit union community in the delivery of financial products and services, the advancement of technology, and new business ventures.


We vow to operate in an environment respectful of ourselves, our business partners, and above all else, our member/owners.


We commit to provide member/owners with timely, accurate, reliable information, in a manner they expect and deserve.

Value of Membership

Millennium Corporate Credit Union was created by credit union leaders to harness the collective strength of members for the mutual benefit of credit unions. Many changes have occurred in the credit union industry since being chartered, but this ideology remains.

Millennium Corporate, like natural person credit unions, is a member driven entity. Millennium members direct our organizational initiatives and the more they partner with us, the greater benefit they receive from their capital investment. Because of this unique relationship, many credit unions in-source our correspondent solutions and we become their back-office. We rely on each other for growth and success and the separation between Millennium Corporate and our members often blurs. As such, many aspects of the value provided credit unions by Millennium Corporate go sight unseen.

Behind the scenes, Millennium Corporate is…

  • Monitoring, funding, and reconciling a Federal Reserve Bank account where member transactions are settled, saving you time and money
  • Designing an asset/liability management plan to support building retained earnings in a manner necessary to comply with all corporate credit union regulations
  • Reviewing and monitoring member credit unions creditworthiness to ensure low-cost lines-of-credit to fund your liquidity needs and meet regulatory best practices
  • Monitoring our cash position and settlement to ensure timely posting and processing of your transactions
  • Maintaining redundant processes for critical business components in case of emergency
  • Developing internal processes and systems that secure your transactions
  • Aggregating settlement into one account to aid you in your daily reconciliations
  • Providing no-cost intra-day funding
  • Hiring, training, and working to maintain staff to ensure continuity, strengthen trust, and provide you peace of mind
  • Putting in place strategic plans that build a stronger Millennium Corporate
  • Cooperatively working with service providers on upgrades to current products and new product development
  • Maintaining governance representation from the entire membership

We commit to run Millennium Corporate as we always have, cooperatively and conservatively. We will continue our efforts to build retained earnings to strengthen the investment you made in Millennium Corporate. And, we pledge to keep our credit union members foremost in our minds while we work to this end.