Correspondent & Payment Solutions

Millennium Corporate provides a comprehensive suite of Correspondent & Payment Solutions, backed by unparalleled service and support from our knowledgeable staff.
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Check Collection

Deposit your daily cash letter with the processor of your choice and direct the settlement to Millennium Corporate Credit Union. Doing so eliminates wire transfer fees for account funding and your account reconciliation process becomes much more efficient as all credit union business is reported on one statement – your Millennium Corporate statement.


Millennium Corporate’s online payment processing system and account management tool, all in one. coreCONNECT houses domestic and international wire transfers, ACH origination and receipt, account balances, transaction history, statement and invoice retrieval, account transfers, and currency ordering. All on one platform, all with one login, secured behind biometric authentication.


coreCONNECT ACH can help your credit union stay on top of the automated payments revolution.

coreCONNECT ACH streamlines collection processes, reduces paperwork and fees and increases processing efficiencies. Collect member loan payments from off-site accounts, process internal payments, allow Select Employee Groups to originate payroll on their very own custom online site. Product support is unparalleled as is system security and compliance.


For the payments you still need to make via check, there’s Millennium’s CorporateCheck. Clearings occur daily from the credit union’s settlement account and checks are available online for your viewing pleasure.


Whether your Millennium Corporate balances are running low or you need funds in your off-site account, corporateFUND is the solution. Send us the transfer instructions and we’ll get the money where you need it, next-day.


Designate Millennium Corporate as your correspondent and free yourself from reconciling multiple accounts. ACH, Savings Bonds, all things FRB. SimpliCD too. You use it, we’ll settle it. It’s as easy as that.

Currency Services

Need currency but don’t want the hassles of independently contracting with an armored carrier? You need CorporateCash!

Contract with Millennium Corporate and we manage the relationship with the armored carrier including vault audit and reconciliation. Online ordering capabilities, secure delivery, coin processing. It’s all in there, supported by the Millennium Corporate Member Service staff.

Currency & Coin Delivery (FRB)
Yes, we’d love to partner with you for secure delivery of your currency and coin order – see CorporateCash - but if you already have a relationship with an armored carrier and it’s working well, use this service and save as all transactions post to your daily settlement account. Place your orders online with Millennium Corporate and we’ll take care of everything except putting it on the truck and dropping it at your door.


The FedNow Service is a new instant payment infrastructure developed by the Federal Reserve that allows financial institutions of every size across the U.S. to provide safe and efficient instant payment services.

Through financial institutions participating in the FedNow Service, businesses and individuals can send and receive instant payments in real time, around the clock, every day of the year. Financial institutions, like your credit union, and their service providers can use the service to provide innovative instant payment services to customers, and recipients will have full access to funds immediately, allowing for greater financial flexibility when making time-sensitive payments.

International Services

International services aren’t foreign to Millennium Corporate. From foreign cash letter and collection item processing to foreign currency and travelers’ checks. Foreign currency wire transfers, too. We’ve got your members’ international service needs covered.

QuickMoney Transfers

In just minutes, Millennium Corporate QuickMoney Transfers can be initiated and available for pickup at participating Western Union® agent locations, in the U.S. and abroad. Send money to anyone, anywhere in the U.S., including government personnel temporarily positioned outside our boundaries.

Share Draft Processing & Remote Deposit Capture

Share Draft Processing
Millennium Corporate is in the Share Draft Processing business! Our incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable team have been in the business for decades and are the very heart of the service.

In 2023, we'll modernize the system and take it to the cloud, for increased system reliability and efficiency. We partner with over 200 credit unions who rely on our Check21 compliant program. Are you next?

Remote Deposit Capture
RDC enables your credit union to create electronic images of deposited checks to transmit them digitally, for fast, efficient processing. You scan, correct, balance and e-submit check batches and we'll process and settle them. It's that easy!

Wire Transfer Services

Serving as the wire correspondent for the majority of Millennium Corporate’s members has afforded us extensive wire transfer knowledge. And when you couple our know-how with our dedication to service excellence, there’s no better wire transfer partner out there. Receive incoming wire transfers and send outgoing credit union or member wire transfers, domestically or internationally. Affordably and securely.

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