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AIM Liquidity Stress Test | New Offering

Liquidity risk has become a significant concern for credit unions and failure to effectively manage said risk can lead to severe consequences, including reputational damage, regulatory scrutiny and potential insolvency. AIM's Liquidity Stress Test helps you alleviate these concerns and optimize your liquidity strategy!

Liquidity stress testing is a crucial component of liquidity risk management for credit unions. It involves assessing the institution's ability to withstand various adverse scenarios and potential liquidity shocks. The AIM Liquidity Stress Test gives you a variety of different liquidity stress scenarios - mild, moderate, and severe - allowing you to simulate the impacts to your funding strategy and contingency funding plan under different stressed environments.

The AIM Liquidity Stress Test includes the following key steps-

  • Scenario Development
  • Data Collection
  • Modeling & Analysis
  • Risk Measurement
  • Results Interpretation
  • Contingency Planning
  • And, Regulatory Compliance!

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